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Principles of the use of cookies

Principles of the use of cookies on the web page of HBF, s.r.o. are informing users about the utilization of these files, which are governed by the EU Directive 2002/58/EC, provisions Act no. 350/2011 Z.z. on electronic communications and provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Cookie files

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. Websites use cookies to help users navigate efficiently and perform
certain functions. Cookies that are required for the website to operate properly are allowed to be set without your permission. We nned your consent for all other cookies.

How do we use the cookie files?

On the web page of we use cookies for the Google Analytics service and the Drupal system to help us customize the page to your needs. Your privacy is important to us and all the data are therefore anonymous and do not record any personal information about the user, not data that could lead to the identification of his person. These data are used only for statistical and technical purposes.

With the help of Google Analytics statistics, we can examine traffic of our web page and information that is interesting for users and for which they return often. These cookie files belong to the category of analytical cookies, which are used to create anonymous overviews about the popularity and traffic of individual pages. Generated information is stored as anonymous statistics in Google, without the possibility of assigning them to a specific person.

We use the following cookies on the website:

  • Strictly necessary cookies - allow core website functionaly. The website can not be used properly without strictly nesessary cookies.  You can set them to be blocked, but at the  some parts of the web site will not functional right.
  • Anylytics cookies -  are used to see how visitors use the website. Those cookies cannot be used to directly identify a certain visitor. If you do not enable this type of cookies, we do not know when you visited our site and we cannot monitor performance.

How to control cookies

Cookie files that we use on our web page are permanent and temporary. Permanent cookies remain on your device after you leave our site, the temporary ones are erased after you conclude the visit / close your browser. You can control and/or delete cookies at your own discretion. You can delete all cookies stored on your computer or other device, and most browsers can be set up to disable their storing. Instructions on how to block and delete cookies can be found on the home pages of your browsers. Details on the removal and rejection of cookies and other information about these files can also be found on the website or, or on the following frequently used browsers:




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